National Referee Course gathers

participants from 10 ECVA countries



ST JOHN, Antigua & Barbuda, March 30, 2015 - The Eastern Caribbean Volleyball Association in collaboration with NORCECA and the Antigua & Barbuda Volleyball Association conducted a National Referee Course from March 20 to 22 with participants hailing from ten countries of the region.

Twenty-two referees, including six women, from Grenada, Dominica, Montserrat, Saba, St Lucia, St Eustatius, St Kitts & Nevis, British Virgin Islands, French St Martin and Antigua & Barbuda, received instructions from international referee Brian Charles of Trinidad & Tobago.

The theoretical session was conducted at the Heritage Hotel while the practical sessions took place at the YMCA indoor facilities which is also the volleyball home for the Antigua and Barbuda Volleyball Association.

During the theoretical session the instructor encouraged the participants to ask lots of questions and commented on the interpretation, explanation and clarification on the Rules of the Game.

In the practical sessions, the referees had the opportunity to officiate at the Antigua and Barbuda National League. In the practical session the participants were instructed on the use of their whistle and the required movements of, and in particular, that of the second referee. The participants were placed in groups (and rotated) of referee, scores and lines Judges. All the participants were given a critic on their performance in the relevant officiating function.

A theoretical examination was given just to test the participants’ basic knowledge of the Rules of the Game. Each participant was awarded a Certificate from the Eastern Caribbean Volleyball Association for their participation in this National Referee Course.

At the closing ceremony, the instructor thanked NORCECA, Antigua and Barbuda Volleyball Association, ECVA and all the other sponsors who were involved in making this course possible.

“I wish to express my heart filled thanks to Mr. Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, president of NORCECA, Mr. Wilbur Harrigan, president of Antigua and Barbuda Volleyball Association, and Mr. Glenn Quinlan, president of ECVA, for selecting me to be the instructor for this course and looking forward to this continued relationship for the development of volleyball in the region,” Charles said.

He also praised Mr. Collin James, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Sports for Antigua and Barbuda, “for his presence at both the opening and closing of the course and for his words of wisdom and encouragement to the participants”.