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2nd Round of the 2006 FIVB Men’s World Championship Qualification Tournament, NORCECA-E

August 1522, 2005


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What the coaches said before the Tournament in Cuba (Newsletter 54 English-Español)   La opinión de los coaches antes del Torneo en La Habana (Newsletter 54 Español)
Cuba and Canada won in Day One (Newsletter 55 English)   Cuba y Canadá ganaron el Primer Día (Newsletter 55 Español)
Panama and Canada were winners (Newsletter 56 English)   Panamá y Canadá fuerón ganadores (Newsletter 56 Español)
Cuba cruised and Panama had to battle (Newsletter 57 English)   Cuba navegó y Panamá tuvo que batallar (Newsletter 57 Español)
Canada and Cuba advanced to Japan (Newsletter 58 English)   Canadá y Cuba avanzaron a Japón (Newsletter 58 Español)
Cuba defeated Canada for the gold medal (Newsletter 59 English)   Cuba derrotó a Canadá por la medalla de oro (Newsletter 59 Español)