Norceca Newsletters


Cuba and USA scored first day victories (Newsletter 61)...Spanish
USA and Puerto Rico won in Day Two at the Worlds (Newsletter 62)...Spanish
Puerto Rico advanced to second round (Newsletter 63)...Spanish
Costa Rica and Dominican Republic got first victories (Newsletter 64)...Spanish
USA was the best positioned team from Norceca in first round (Newsletter 65)...Spanish
Cubans came out winners in opening day of second round (Newsletter 66)...Spanish
Cuba won again while USA and Puerto Rico suffered losses (Newsletter 67)...Spanish
Cuba beat another Asian Team (Newsletter 68)...Spanish
Cuba to battle for 5-8 positions and USA for 9-12 (Newsletter 69)...Spanish
Cuba lost battle with China and USA won (Newsletter 70)...Spanish
Russia takes 2006 FIVB Women’s World Championship title (Newsletter 71)...Spanish
Puerto Rico produced major surprise edging Argentina (Newsletter 72)...Spanish
Tough day for teams from NORCECA (Newsletter 73)...Spanish
All four NORCECA teams advanced to second round (Newsletter 74)...Spanish
USA defeated Canada in five sets, Puerto Rico lost to Germany (Newsletter 75)...Spanish
Soto and Calderon the best from NORCECA at the World Championships (Newsletter 76)...Spanish