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Nicaragua AFECAVOL U-21 Champions  


MANAGUA, Nicaragua, September 9, 2017. - Nicaragua won the gold medal at the XVII AFECAVOL U-21 Men’s Central American Championship on Saturday at the IND Volleyball venue in Managua, Nicaragua.


Nicaragua won the even undefeated and without losing a set. In their last match, Nicaragua defeated El Salvador 3-0  (25-17, 25-14, 25-20); they also won the U19 Central American Championship two years ago also undefeated and losing three sets.


With 27-15 point advantage, Nicaragua prevailed over El Salvador. Nicaragua blocked El Salvador on 13 points, while the losers blocked Nicaragua on 3 points. Nicaragua also led in serves with 10-4 margin over El Salvador.


Romnier Baquedano led the local team with 13 points, joined by Jonny Zeledon with 10 points. El Salvador’s Josue Palma led with 9 points and Alejandro Reyes scored 7 points.


Final ranking: 1. Nicaragua, 2. Costa Rica, 3. Guatemala, 4. Honduras, 5. Panama, 6. El Salvador, 7. Belize.