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Nicaragua earns first win at AFECAVOL U-18


TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, August 18, 2017.- Nicaragua earned their first win after beating El Salvador 3-0 (25-11, 25-13, 25-15) in the morning session of day two of competition at XII AFECAVOL Girls’ U-18 Central American Championship in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


Nicaragua prevailed over El Salvador leading 24-14 in spikes, 9-1 in blocks and 11-1 in service points. Nicaragua benefited from 31 opponent errors while registering 23 of their own.


Middle blocker Maria Blandon of Nicaragua scored a match-high of 15 points, 9 on kills and 6 on blocks, outside hitter Masiel Brenes contributed with her team’s victory with 11 points. Outside hitter Nicole Araujo with 8 points was El Salvador’s best scorer.


Nicaragua stands with 1-1 win-loss record and 6 points, while El Salvador remains win-less and has zero points.


Maria Arcia, captain of Nicaragua: “We are very happy, we were more united. Our blocking and receiving was better than yesterday; in fact everything improved”.


Claudia Noguera, coach of Nicaragua: “My team was more concentrated and focused much better, they followed our instructions well. In this category the skills we must work on are attitude and concentration, it’s easy for them to not pay attention because of their inexperience”.


Daniela Sanchez, captain of El Salvador: “We had many unforced errors, we received badly and failed on serves. The team can’t focus well; we hope to do it better in the evening session”.


Eric Hernandez, coach of El Salvador: “Congratulations to Nicaragua. I consider that our day yesterday was tougher than that of Nicaragua; they had more rest than we did. My team seems lost and our capacity to receive is not working. In addition, our setters can’t concentrate enough to read our opponents’ moves. Our performance is not efficient”.