Nicaraguan Jordan Carcache MVP at AFECAVOL U21


SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador, October 6, 2019.- Nicaraguan Jordan Carcache was named the Most Valuable Player of the eighteenth AFECAVOL U21 Central American Championship at FESAVOL Gymnasium of San Salvador, El Salvador.


Jordan Carcache, whose sensational defense was crucial for Nicaragua to claim AFECAVOL U21 title undefeated, received the MVP award during the closing ceremony chaired by AFECAVOL Secretary Jose Luis Jimenez Lao.


Carcache also was handed out the recognitions for Best Libero, Best Defense and Best Receiver. Also from Nicaragua, Jefferson Cascante was the Best Scorer and Rony Cerda de Best Setter


The First Best Blocker and Second Best Blocker awards were granted to El Salvador’s Diego Guidos and Reyman Alfaro accordingly.


Guatemalan Francisco Gamboa was named the First Best Outside Hitter and his teammate Jose Rodrigo Carrilo the Best Opposite.


Panama’s Denzel Arboine received the award for Second Outside Hitter and Ernest Broaster of Belize the Best Server.


Final Standing: 1. Nicaragua; 2. Panama; 3. El Salvador; 4. Guatemala; 5. Costa Rica; 6. Honduras; 7. Belize.


Premios Individuales


MVP: Jefferson Cascante, Nicaragua

1st Outside Hitter: Francisco Gamboa, Guatemala

2nd Outside Hitter: Denzel Arboine, Panama

1st Middle Blocker: Diego Guidos, El Salvador

2nd Middle Blocker: Reyman Alfador, El Salvador

Opposite Hitter: José Rodrigo Carrillo, Guatemala

Setter: Rony Cerda, Nicaragua

Libero: Jordan Carcache, Nicaragua

Best Server: Ernest Broaster, Belize

Best Digger: Jordan Carcache, Nicaragua

Best Receiver: Jordan Carcache, Nicaragua

Best Scorer: Jefferson Cascante, Nicaragua