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Norceca makes history with simultaneous courses in Baja California


TIJUANA, México, December 1 2017 - The North, Central American and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation (NORCECA) successfully closed the two courses that were held simultaneously at the facilities of the Regional Development Center in Baja California.


"We have made history, Norceca has made history by conducting this seminar with two courses at a time, one  in indoor volleyball and another in beach volleyball," said José Ramón Pérez Vento, instructor assigned to lead the works of this seminar.


"From the beginning we pointed out that it was important to have an innovative framework and we are sure that the candidates took that first step," he mentioned. “I am sure We will probably see them in different competitions at the continental level in our region," he said.


National referees from more than a dozen countries gathered at the facilities of the Development Center located in the Baja California Sports and Physical Culture Institute premises , where they put into practice the knowledge acquired over five days.


"This has been helpful, we have a united group. Not two groups, but only one, because the referees of room and beach are part of a single family, " he added.


Representatives from countries such as Antigua, Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands  participated in the workshops and did both the theoretical and practical opposition exams with favorable grades, in accordance with the instructors and the course director. "This is a first step to start a career as international referees. Surely in next months will receive invitations and nominations to start participating in competitions within our area, " remarked t Perez Vento.


At the closing ceremony, along with Pérez Vento, thre were Canadian instructors Guy Bradbury assigned to evaluate the works of the room, and Andre Trottier, who was in charge of evaluating the beach volleyball  referees. On behalf of the Baja California Sports General Director, Saul Castro Verdugo, and the Regional Development Center authorities, Professor César Osuna Brambila, addressed the farewell and appreciation message, highlighting the availability of collaboration with the attendees. A total of 19 referees already returned to their countries of origin ready to begin this new stage in their careers.