President Wei praises NORCECA and general development of Dominican Republic


PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic, October 6, 2011 – The President of the International Volleyball Federation, Jizhong Wei, praised the contributions and the work developed by the NORCECA Confederation during the opening ceremony of the 21st NORCECA Congress.


The leader of FIVB was present during the start of the general assembly being held in Punta Cana, a tourism resort in the eastern part of Dominican Republic.


“I am surprised by the development of the Dominican Republic but not only in volleyball and sport but the country itself and the work being developed by the confederation”, Wei said during the speech to the 40 National Federations and Territories represented.


In his message, Mr. Wei informed that one of his objectives is to promote democratization within the FIVB.


“I did not bring democracy to FIVB because democracy is a principle fundamental present in all international federations,” Wei said. “What I have done is to correct some shortcomings we had in the past.”


President of NORCECA, Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, expressed his satisfaction for the achievements of the different National Federations and Regional Zones but promised he will continue pushing to accomplish higher goals.


“We are very grateful to the FIVB for the support given to us to contribute with the development of the National Federations,” Marte Hoffiz said.


The President of NORCECA also praised the efforts made by Mushtaque Mohammed, Glenn Quinlan and Marta Centeno de Sajche, presidents of the CAZOVA, ECVA and AFECAVOL regional zones.


At the end of his speech, Marte Hoffiz presented a plaque with his portrait to President Wei to appreciate his contributions to create the development fund program that serves to increase the activities of the national federations and regional associations.