PRESS RELEASE 01/10/2009

Everything is set for Norceca’s Maeva 2009

MANZANILLO, Mexico, October 1, 2009- The Norceca Maeva 2009 is ready to start its competition with the Mexican teams leading the roster of competitors that will seek the golden medal of this continental tournament, that will be in honor of Alejandro Salinas de la Garza, the late president of Mexican National Volleyball Federation (FMVB).


The technical meeting of the competition was held on Thursday night, with the presence of all the competitors, the referees, and the Norceca officials, which were welcomed by the general director of Hotel Club Maeva, Héctor Sánchez Ochoa.


Roberto González Becerra, sports director in Colima, and the president of Colima’s Volleyball Association, also pronounced welcoming words to the participants. They announced that Colima´s Governor, Silverio Cavazos Ceballos, and the President of Mexico’s National Commission for Sports, Bernardo de la Garza, will attend the competition on Saturday.


In the Men’s roster, the teams have the presence of Yeondry Kindelan-Yunieski Ramírez (CUB), Jorge Bolaños-Erick Garrido (GUA), Josh Binstock-Matt Zbseesky (CAN 1), Raymond Sewell-Martin Reader (CAN 2), Roberto Rodríguez-Orlando Irizarry (PUR), Giovanni Medrano-David Vargas (ESA), Seth Burnham-Marcin Jagoda (USA), Andrés López-Bryan Monge (CRC), Winston Calderón-Omar López (NCA), Daniels Williams-Fabian Whitfield (TTO), Jospeh Clercent-Dayne Williams (SLC), Aldo Miramontes-Juan Virgen (MEX 1), Ulises Ontiveros-Lombardo Ontiveros (MEX 2), Malik Colossio-Pedro Arenas (MEX 3), Oscar Cárdenas-Edgar Barajas (MEX 4).


In the Women’s roster, the teams have the presence of Milagros Crespo-Ion Canet (CUB), Ingrid Morales-Natalia Alfaro (CRC), Nancy Jospeh-Elki Philip (TTO), Beth Van Fleet-Saralyn Smith (USA), Maria Orellana-Anna Ramírez (GUA), Renee Laroque-Leann Kinvig (CAN 1), Tammy Thomas-Jamie Broder (CAN 2), Ivonne Soler-Laura Molina (ESA), Yarleen Santiago-Darian Acevedo (PUR), Samantha Mann-Dania Hamilton (SLC), Martha Revueltas-Diana Estrada (MEX 1), Vanessa Virgen-Polet Cruz (MEX 2), Rosario Reyes-Xitlali Herrera (MEX 3), Jocelyn Díaz-Gloria Santollo (MEX 4).


After the technical meeting, the delegate of Norceca, Nelson Ramirez, asked for a minute of applause in honor to Alejandro Salinas de la Garza, recently deceased director of volleyball in Mexico.


Later that night, in Maeva Stadium, there was a glamorous opening ceremony, with an artistic show by the staff of Maeva Sports.

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