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Participants are certified in Continental Seminar for Trainers and Physical Therapists


TIJUANA, Mexico, June 28, 2017 – More than 20 attendants received a certification at the end of the Continental Seminar for Trainers and Physical Therapists that was held at the FIVB-Norceca Regional Development Centre.


Participants from Costa Rica, Mexico and the United States took the theoretical and practical sessions, some of them consisted in the application of kinesio tapes, that have become more popular and standarized in high performance competitions.


The closing ceremony took place at the Multisport Building of the Development Centre with the presence of instructor Marlon Lopez, as well as Baja California Sports Institute High Performance and Physical Culture Director, David Lugo, as well as Government and Institutional Affairs Liason, Carlos King Ristori.


“We analyzed in the point of view of every area of interest: energy and physical for example. We tried to see wich are the factors that will take us to an optimal performance in certain moments of the competition,” Lopez stated.


“I hope that everything we have studied at this course can be useful and that you have takwn the best of it for you working areas as I also invite you to keep preparing and ugrading your knowledge and experiences,” he remarked.