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Paseo Xolotlán to host Beach Volleyball at Managua 2017 Games

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, December 2, 2017. - Paseo Xolotlán, on the shores of Lake Managua, is ready to host the double-gender beach volleyball tournament at the Managua 2017 eleventh Central American Games running from December 3-8.

On the eve of the opening ceremony of the Games, Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega inaugurated the beach volleyball venue Salvador Allende along with the official pledge of all the entire Nicaraguan sports delegation. 

Salvador Allende beach volleyball venue, with a capacity of 1500 people, will remain as part of the Paseo Xolotlán facilities; a recreational complex constructed by the government and Managua’s town hall, where families can enjoy cultural and sport activities.

Ariel Sainz, International Technical Director, indicated that the competition will run smoothly thanks to the experienced members of the control committee working alongside the organizing committee, “these will be a successful competition; I congratulate the City of Managua for the construction of a permanent beach volleyball venue that will benefit the whole Central American region”.

The competition kicks off on Sunday with a round-robin preliminary round, followed by a single elimination bracket to reach the gold medal matches. Belize will not compete in the women’s division, while the men’s division will have all seven Central American countries.