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Puerto Jimenez in Costa Rica welcomes AFECAVOL U21 Beach Tournament


PUERTO JIMENEZ, Costa Rica, August 30, 2017. - Puerto Jimenez in the Pacific coasts of Costa Rica will host the tenth AFECAVOL U-21 Beach Volleyball Central American Championship that serves off on Friday September 1st at Playa Preciosa.


The double-gender event will consist of nine female teams and eleven male teams divided in two and three groups accordingly.


  Belize will only compete in the men’s division, while El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and hosts Costa Rica in both genders.

All the delegations and members of the AFECAVOL control committee arrived at Puerto Jimenez on Wednesday. The preliminary inquiry and general technical meeting are scheduled for Thursday, along with the final inspection of the courts set at Playa Preciosa.


Among the registered teams, are reigning champions Erik Flores and Wagner Chacon of Guatemala, as well as last year’s silver medalists Denis Lopez alongside Jefferson Cascante of Nicaragua. Also, the local women’s duo of Angel Williams and Vivian Hernandez that finished second in 2016 is confirmed to compete.


Women’s teams:

Angel Williams/Vivian Idannia Hernández (CRC-1) ; Kianny Maria Araya/Maria Alex Mena (CRC-2); Alejandra Maria Mariona/Dana Valeria Funes (ESA); Paola Marie Alvarado/Maria Fernanda Juarez (GUA-1); Laura Paola Quiñonez/Kimberly Dhominik Cardona (GUA-2); Laurens Regina Alvarez/Xue Nicolle Murillo (HON-1); Los Terrylee Pinnace/Shanna Jazeera Rivera (HON-2)

Nicaragua; Katherine Montealto/Anielka Alonso (NCA-1); Guisella Indira Garcia/Lourdes Isabell Lugo (NCA-2)


Men’s Teams:

Gabriel Nuñez/Ernan Caliz (BIZ-1); Anselmo Rivero/Clifford Barrow (BIZ-2); Fabian Guerra/Nicolas Velluti (CRC-1); Alexandre Lezcano/Allan Jafet Obando (CRC-2); Walter René Martínez/Josue Andrés Palma (ESA-1); Yoel Alejandro Guardado/Crhistopher Armando Guardado (ESA-2); Erik Gerardo Flores/Wagner Arnulfo Chacón (GUA); Brandon Daniel Sánchez/Bradley Johel (HON-1); Irvin Armando Reyes/Adonis Eduardo Rodriguez (HON-2); Denis José Lopez/Jefferson Cascante (NCA-1); Hernan Jimenez/Christopher Cascante (NCA-2)