Puerto Rico smiles again with Victoriá

LIMA, Peru, May 16, 2019 - Sofia Victoria is one of the names that stands out in the team of Puerto Rico which beat Honduras 3-0 (25-16, 25-19, 25-17) and qualified to the semifinal of the U20 Pan-American Cup- Herbalife Cup.

The attacking player Victoria was again a key weapon in the Puerto Rican offense, contributing 26 points to the triumph of her team, followed by Alondra Maldonado with 12 marks. On the Honduran side, the highest score came from their captain, Nathaly Pérez, who finished with 11.

 The blocking of Puerto Rico was key in the first set, to take out its rival. In the second part, the work scheme of Honduras was more effective, taking advantage of the defensive failures at the back of the court. However, the team of Juan Carlos Rodríguez knew how to get ahead with the rapid attack by the corners.

The winners dominated in attacks (45-28), blocking (7-3) and service (4-2). Both sextets recorded 29 unforced errors.

Sofia Victoria, captain of Puerto Rico: In the second set we had many lapses, but with our attack and service we managed to get the game ahead. Tomorrow we will play against Cuba, a very strong opponent, a decisive match in our search for the World Cup; It will be a beautiful match.

Nathaly Pérez, captain of Honduras: I think we could have made a better game, but we lacked concentration with many flaws in the attack due to the effective blocking of Puerto Rico. But we took an important learning and tomorrow we will go with everything for the fifth place.

Both teams will return on Friday the 17th to the Manuel Bonilla Coliseum in Miraflores to play their next match of the U20 Cup. At 15:00 hours Honduras will play for the classification of the fifth place, and later Puerto Rico will play the semifinal