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Referees at Pan Am Cup receive Molten Deevo Whistles


GATINEAU, Canada, July 26, 2017 – All referees officiating matches of the XII Men’s Volleyball Pan American Cup received the innovative Deevo whistles produced by Molten Corporation as NORCECA continues the program distribution of the device in all international competitions totally organized by the institution or in conjunction with other entities.


The Deevo whistles were recently released by Molten Corporation, the official sponsor of all NORCECA competitions.


The Molten Deevo whistle produces a stable and rich high pitch tone for indoor arenas, with the sounds projected to both sides of the court. It features a durable mouthpiece.


The titanium reinforced frame provides exceptional durability while its unique shape produces a powerful sound.


The modern whistle was designed to cut through noise so the sound can be heard throughout the entirety of the court.