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Referees receive New "Molten Deevo" Whistle at U19 Boys Pan Am Cup

MONTERREY, México, March 20, 2017 – The President of the North Central American and Caribbean Confederation, Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, directed the presentation of the new “Molten Deevo” whistle to international referees.

This device has been launched by the Company “Molten”, that has guided big innovation efforts to the development of the game. “The Molten Deevo gives referees the performance they demand to ensure fair, safe and consistent play,” says the presentation manual that comes along with this product.

“Molten Deevo” is an acronym of “Vocal Depht” and according to Molten, this is a tool with an optimized pitch to maximize sport specific performance. This tool has very important specifications that mark a big difference with the rest of the whistles.

The “Molten Deevo” has two air and sound ways that contribute to have a better sound  that cannot be influenced by the crowd noise and has a “stereo” characteristic that can be Heard on both sides of the net and all over the court.

“The referees of the Norceca Confederation as well as the ones of the South American Volleyball Confederation are the first ones who have received this whistle,” said Marte Hoffiz during the celebration of the U19 Boys´Pan Am Cup.