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Rodríguez and Gutiérrez join 30-point Club


GATINEAU, Canada, July 28, 2017 – Venezuelan Emerson Rodriguez and Cuba Miguel David Gutierrez have joined the exclusive group of players who have scored 30 or more points in a single match in the history of the Men’s Pan American Cup.


In Thursday’s matches of the annual competition taking place in Gatineau, Rodriguez scored 31 points in the five-set loss of Venezuela to Puerto Rico, while Gutierrez collected 30 points in the five-set victory of Cuba over United States.


They became the seventh and eighth members of the list topped by Dominican Republic’s José Cáceres, who set the current record of 37 points on June 20, 2009 against Puerto Rico.


Puerto Ricans Victor Bird and Maurice Torres are next on the list with 32 points. Bird’s performance came on June 7, 2007 against Canada, while Torres had his on August 16, 2014 against Argentina.


Puerto Rican legend Hector “Picky” Soto scored 31 points against Mexico on May 24, 2010.


Dominican Republic’s Elvis Contreras had 30 points against Trinidad & Tobago on August 24, 2013 and Colombia’s Ronald Jiménez collected 30 against Mexico on May 22, 2016.