SVG benefit from Olympic Solidarity



KINGSTOWN, St Vincent and the Grenadines, July 21, 2015 – St Vincent and the Grenadines’ Volleyball Federation has been benefitting from the expertise of Olympic Solidarity Programme coach Sean McKay in recent months. 


McKay spent five months in the Caribbean Island nation as part of Olympic Solidarity, whose aim is to organise assistance for all National Olympic Committees (NOCs), particularly those with the greatest needs, through multi-faceted programmes that prioritise athlete development, training of coaches and sports administrators, while promoting Olympic ideals.


The key is to provide teacher and coach training so that they in turn can start junior training programmes which then continue into primary and secondary schools as well as clubs and the community, as well as develop administrative support off it.


McKay ran coaching programmes at every level and in almost every geographical region of SVG, while working with a school, club or community representative so as to help them develop their skills to get the most from their club or school team. 


Vitally he appointed a Grassroots Co-ordinator and High School Volleyball Co-ordinator to ensure that kids start volleyball early and that by the time they reached their teenage years that there was a competitive school team structure to benefit from. 


He also put in place a Club and Community Co-ordinator to ensure that there was a competitive league for adults from which national teams could be selected. All three positions were designed to continue the initial work that he started during his stay on the islands.


He helped developed one-day competitions, which were seen as the best way of developing the sport, as they aid fundraising, talent identification and sport visibility. 


He coached the two national volleyball teams for the NORCECA Continental Cup and male U19 and U23 and the female U18 and U23 teams at the Windward Island Games. The teams benefitted enormously from their three meetings a week, which helped raise the level of the teams and developed the skills of assistant coaches Vance Andrews, Cassius Franklyn and Devon Williams. 


The Canadian worked closely with SVG Sports Officers, who are responsible for engaging the islands’ youth and developing sport in the communities. McKay provided basic training in volleyball, beach volleyball and grassroots implementation of those sports.