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School Championships successfully conclude in Turks and Caicos


TURKS AND CAICOS, May 3, 2017 – British West Indies Collegiate and Wesley Methodist won the female and male gold medals, respectively, of the Turks and Caicos High School Volleyball Championships.


The school volleyball program forms part of the promotion of volleyball as part of the development plan of NORCECA Confederation covering 41 national federations and territories.


In a nail biting match, British West Indies Collegiate edged Clement Howell 27-25, 27-25 in the female final match while Wesley Methodist defeated Marjorie Basden in straight sets for the male title.


Wesley Methodist took the female bronze medal by defeating Marjorie Basden while Clement Howell capture the male’s bronze medal with a victory over Holy Family.


Since its inception in 2013, the Turks and Caicos High School Volleyball Championships have grown in both size and caliber of play.  What began as a co-ed tournament of three teams, has grown to six male and six female teams in 2017.


The female competition consisted of teams from Wesley Methodist, Clement Howell High School, British West Indies Collegiate, Long Bay High School, Holy Family and Marjorie Basden.  Pool results are below:


In the first quarter final, Marjorie Basden defeated Long Bay.  The second quarter final match featured Clement Howell defeating Holy Family to move on.


In semifinal action, British West Indies Collegiate defeated Marjorie Basden to advance to the Gold Medal Match along with Clement Howell who defeated Wesley Methodist to move on.


In Boys action, we saw teams from Wesley Methodist, British West Indies Collegiate, Long Bay High School, Holy Family, Clement Howell High School and Marjorie Basden.


In Quarter final action, Holy Family defeated British West Indies and Clement Howell beat Long Bay High School.


Semifinal action saw Marjorie Basden move on to the Gold medal match, defeating Holy Family.  Wesley Methodist advanced defeating Clement Howell.