School Program to be introduced in Bonaire next year


BONAIRE, December 3, 2018 – NORCECA President Cristobal Marte Hoffiz and Mushtaque Mohammed CAZOVA President, visited Bonaire over the weekend to meet with government officials and the members of the Volleyball fraternity of Bonaire. It was a meeting to discuss the NORCECA development programme to be introduced in Bonaire in 2019 specifically targeting the development of volleyball in the schools. 


Hubert Martis, Commissioner for Finance and Tourism and James Kroon, Commissioner for sports met with President Marte and President Mohammed together with the President of Bonaire Volleyball Association Raymundo Saleh to finalize plans regarding the school development project. 


It was identified that the six (6) primary schools and two (2) secondary schools in Bonaire will received balls, nets and antennas as material to support the project.  NORCECA will also support the training of the school teachers in the schools by sending an instructor to conduct an intensive coaching education programme to facilitate the teaching of the students in the schools. 


As the project expands it is expected that new clubs will be formed with the students of the programme and also the national teams in all categories will be enhanced.  Additionally, one Sport Court floor will be donated to the Association which will be placed in the government owned sport hall where the national teams and national league will be held. 


The government officials present were elated to learn of the support mentioned by President Marte and pledge that they will facilitate all that is necessary to receive the sport court and volleyball equipment in their country.  Bonaire National Association came in for high praise by the government official present who indicated that the work of the board of administration is very professional and has great financial accountability. 


They successfully hosted their first regional event in June 2018 which was the CAZOVA under 23 girls tournament with 5 teams.  President Marte encouraged them to host another event like the CAZOVA U20 and NORCECA will continue to provide the necessary support to ensure the success of the event.


Following the meeting with the government officials the NORCECA officials proceed to host an administrative meeting with the clubs and other members of the volleyball community where the relationship with the clubs and the board was addressed. 


The knowledge transferred about the role of the Board and the clubs was highlighted using the FIVB, NORCECA and CAZOVA Constitutions. Also, the FIVB Sports regulations was discussed as president Marte show the relevance to the domestic competitions.  The meeting finished with a press conference where all parties highlighting their satisfaction with the outcome of the meetings and anticipating active participation of the clubs and the Bonaire National Federation in domestic and regional events.