Seminar for Defense/Serve/Libero in Barbados



Seminar for Defense/Serve/Libero in Barbados


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, April 22, 2015 – Barbados organised a Technical Seminar for Defence/Serve/Libero from April 13-17 at the Springer Memorial High School, supervised by FIVB Instructor Ramiro Casiano Hart from the Netherlands Antilles.


The technical seminar had 26 participants, representing advanced-skilled youth, proficient teachers, policemen and coaches.


The participants showed satisfactory skills and outstanding knowledge of volleyball, which contributed to the success of the technical seminar.


The instructor was very pleased with the participants, particularly the youngsters, who are all eager to be pushed to playing a higher level of volleyball. These participants pushed themselves to reach a higher level after corrections were made, while the adults executed set plays with them as routine team-mates.


This enthusiasm by the participants will benefit the Barbados Volleyball Association League that consists of four divisions with about 64 teams, excluding the minor and school leagues. With the four-division system, the activities are spread over the year.