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Suriname’s coach dead in traffic accident

PARAMARIBO, Suriname, November 1, 2016 - Faisel Molijn, a member of the Suriname’s men national team died in traffic wreckage after one of the training session of the squad in preparation for the CAZOVA Qualifier Tournament here.

Born on the 1st November 1979, Molijn was a member of the coaching staff of the Men’s National team of Suriname.

He was also trainer-coach of the volleyball club Lyzecks. Faisel has been helping the team prepare for the World Cup qualifiers to be held in Paramaribo, Suriname. 

On his way home after one of his training sessions with the national team, he tragically lost his life in a traffic accident.

In Molijn we not only lose a friend, good coach and all around great guy, but a person who love the sport of volleyball with his whole heart and showed it daily.

Faisel Molijn you will be truly missed.

Hope you keep the ball flying wherever you are. Rest in Peace.