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Thaisa McLeod leads Peru to 3-2 win over Argentina


LIMA, Peru, August 4, 2017 – Peru got its first victory in the U18 Final Four Herbalife Cup after defeating Argentina 3-2 (25-23, 25-23, 22-25, 21-25, 15-8) at Manuel Bonilla Coliseum of Miraflores to close day one in second place with five points.


Thaisa Mc Leod was the star of the night with 22 points, followed by Flavia Montes with 16 and Ayme with 13. For the Argentinean side, Candela Salinas led the way with 19 markers supported by Sofía Meinardi 17, Bianca Farriol 12 y Ángeles Ligorria woho tallied 11 points.


Argentina led in all the offensive skills with advantages in attacks (62-59), blocking (13-8) and aces (5-3). However, Peru scored via 38 errors while reducing its own mistakes to 24.


Marco Queiroga, coach of Per: This match was very important for us. We started with a lot of strength but anxiety caught us and it changed the situation of the game. The important thing was that we were able to come back to claim the win.


Thaisa McLeod, top scorer of Peru: I think we were over confident after leading most of the time. When we arrived into the fifth set we put aside the weariness and played hearts out because we are representing a whole country and we good cohesion we were able to win the match.


Estanislao Vachino, coach of Argentina: We were left with a base taste because we came back and then we lost. However I feel satisfied since from the South American to this one we passed from a 3-0 to a 3-2 and it was a pretty game.


Candela Salinas, top scorer of Argentina: It was well fought match. I think we could have come back in the fifth set but tomorrow we will enter to give all we have to beat Cuba, a tough rival but we will try our best.