Toluca full house for Tour NORCECA Beach Volleyball 


TOLUCA, Mexico, June 6, 2013. - Teams from 17 countries are meeting in that city to compete at the fourth stop of the 2013 NORCECA Beach Volleyball which will start this Friday with their first matches in the excellent Court at the University Mexico State Autonomous. 


Three couples in Mexico, USA and Canada with two, are the countries that have greater representation in the women's event, while in male, Mexico, Canada and the United States have two pairs each. 


The teams will play in the form of groups before moving on to a single elimination box. In 16 pairs women are divided into four groups, highlighting the group C with Mexico 1 Costa Rica, Canada 2 United States 2. 


In males, with 15 couples, there will be three groups of four and one three. Group C with the United States in January, Cuba, Costa Rica and Canada 2 looks one of the most complicated. 


The group competition will be Friday and Saturday, in the quarterfinals will advance the top two of each group will compete in single elimination, the top four advancing to the semifinals and finals scheduled for Sunday.


The event begins Friday at 8:30 with Heather Hughes / Summer Ross, U.S. 1 to Vanessa Virgin / Stephanie Burnside, of Mexico 2 A female group. Then Kacie Mctavish / Caleigh Whitaker, of Canada 1 are measured Christine Anthony / Samira Luis, of Curacao. 


In male, Roberto Rodriguez opened games / Hector Soto of Puerto Rico versus Ulises Ontiveros / Aldo Miramontes of Mexico 2, at 8:30 am, followed by the match between Luis Castillo / Alex Medina of Dominican Republic against Bryan Ferguson / Printacnique Wilson, Bahamas. 


At 6:00 pm the official opening will be attended by the Governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Ávila Villegas and Olympic diving medalist Fernando Platas Alvarez, Director General of the Mexican Institute of Physical Culture and Sports (IMCUFIDE ). 


The preliminary inspection and general technical meeting took place in the premises of the UAEM, in the Sports San Antonio, led by Mayra Huerta, President of the Control Committee and Arnaldo Sanchez, Compettion Director. 


Men Group: Pool A: México 1, Barbados y Nicaragua; Pool B, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, Bahamas y México 2. Pool C: Estados Unidos 1, Cuba, Costa Rica y Canadá 2. Pool D: Canadá 1, Trinidad y Tobago, Aruba, Estados Unidos 2.


Women Group: Pool A: Estados Unidos 1, El Salvador, Nicaragua, México 2. Pool B: Canadá 1, Honduras, Trinidad y Tobago, Curazao. Pool C: México 1, Costa Rica, Canadá 2 y Estados Unidos 2. Pool D: Islas Caimán, República Dominica, San Martín Francés, México 3.


Men Teams: Mitchel Daniel- Earganell de Cuba (ARU), Bryan Ferguson-Printacnique Wilson (BAH), Hugh Sealy- Darran Gill (BAR), Grant O`gorman-Samuel Pedlow (CAN 1), Simon Fecteau-boutin/Ryan Debruyn (CAN 2), Esteban Escobar-Jonathan Guevara (CRC), Karell Piña- Sergio González (CUB), (Luis Castilo-Alex Medina (DOM). Lombardo Ontiveros-Juan Virgen (MEX 1), Ulises Ontiveros- Aldo Miramontes (MEX 2), Gerson Contreras-Danny López (NCA), Roberto Rodríguez- Héctor Soto (PUR), Simon Blake-Daneil Williams (TRI), John Mayer- Bradley Keenan (USA 1), Stafford Slick-Casey Jennings (USA 2). 


Women Teams: Kacie McTavish-Caleigh Whitaker (CAN 1), Andrea Woolley-Sophie Bukovec (CAN 2), Jessica Wolfenden- Cristin Alexander (CAY), Ingrid Morales-Natalia Alfaro (CRC), Christine Anthony-Samira Luis (CUR), Diana Peguero-Nairobi Agramonte (DOM), Diana Romero- Marcela Avalos (ESA), Veronique Berthelot-Audrey Gil (FSM), Gina Flores-Martha Euceda (HON), Martha Revuelta - Bibiana Candelas (MEX), Vanessa Virgen-Stephanie Burnside (MEX 2), Olivia Meza –Zaira Orellana (MEX 3). Elia Torrez-Swan Mendoza (NCA), Nancy Joseph- Pauline Woodrofe (TRI), Heather Hughes/Summer Ross (USA 1, Emily Day -Whitney Pavlik (USA 2).