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USA and Canada to Final Six of World League


LAUSANNE, Switzerland, June 18, 2017 – RussiaCanada and the United States claimed crucial victories on Sunday in Group 1 that secured their spots in the 2017 FIVB Volleyball World League Final Six.

Brazil will host European squads France and Serbia, which earlier qualified in the Final Six, together with Russia, Canada and USA in Curitiba from July 4 to 8.

BelgiumPoland, Russia, Bulgaria and Canada carried identical 4-4 win-loss cards, while USA had a 3-5 win-loss record prior to their matches on Sunday. Russia, Canada and the USA had one match each to define their destiny and they productively did so as they earned victories, which gave them vital points to climb the Group1 ranking.

Russia rushed to a straight-set win over
Iran in Lodz, to record a 5-4 card and earn three points to improve their points total to 14, putting them in fourth spot in Group 1. Canada also improved their win-loss record to 5-4 and earned three points in their four-set win over Italy to gain the fifth spot.

USA kept their pursuit of the title as they sneaked into Final Six after they defeated hosts Poland in four sets. After struggling start in the tournament, USA managed to earn victories that facilitated their jump from ninth to sixth place in the ranking.

Belgium lost their grip after their straight-set loss to 2015 World League winners France in Antwerp. The latter sit as the top team with eight wins and one loss in the in the preliminary round.

Argentina ended Bulgaria’s Final Six hopes when they fulfilled a 3-1 triumph on home soil. Bulgaria suffered from turnovers, which allowed Argentina to execute their plays well.

Brazil completed the list of winners in Group 1 with a four-set win over defending champions Serbia.