USA to defend Triple Crown reign at Pan Am Cup 

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, September 10, 2021 - The United States is the triple reigning champion of the Women's Pan American Volleyball Cup whose 19th edition begins on Monday at the Ricardo –Gioriver- Arias Volleyball Pavilion with the participation of six teams belonging to the Central Zone of NORCECA. 


The representative of the United States has been the winner of the 2017-19 editions in which the rival in the decisive clash has been the Dominican Republic team. 


The six teams from the Central Zone that will be starting the qualification process for the Pan American Games in Chile 2023 here and accumulating points for the FIVB ranking are, in addition to those mentioned, Canada, Cuba, Mexico and Puerto Rico. 


Each day of the preliminary round will consist of three matches at the times of 15:00, 17:00 and 19:00. Saturday 18 will be the semifinals and the match for fifth place and Sunday 19 will be the two games for medals at 17:00 and 19:00. 


The United States has been the top winner in the history of the event with 7 crowns, followed by Cuba and the Dominican Republic with 4 each, and Brazil with 3. 


The Dominican Republic has been on the podium of the Pan American Cup in all but one of its editions, adding 10 silver and 3 bronze to its four gold medals. 


The game schedule is as follows: 


Monday September 13 

15:00 Puerto Rico v Canada 

17:00 United States v Mexico 

19: Dominican Republic v Cuba 


Tuesday September 14 

15:00 Cuba v Canada 

17:00 United States v Puerto Rico 

19: Dominican Republic v Mexico 


Wednesday September 15 

15:00 Cuba v Mexico 

17:00 United States v Canada 

19: Dominican Republic v Puerto Rico 


Thursday September 16 

15:00 Mexico v Puerto Rico 

17:00 United States v Cuba 

19:00 Dominican Republic v Canada 


Friday September 17 

15:00 Puerto Rico v Cuba 

17:00 Canada v Mexico 

19:00 Dominican Republic v United States 


Saturday September 18 

15:00 Positions 5-6 

17:00 2nd vs 3rd 

19:00 1st v 4th 


Sunday September 19 

17:00 Bronze Medal Game 

19:00 Gold Medal Game