Very leveled duels in men's quarterfinals


LIMA, Peru, July 27, 2019.- Chile against Cuba, Venezuela and Canada, Brazil against Mexico and Argentina and Uruguay, are the games that will finish the qualifiers to the semifinals of the men's beach volleyball tournament of the XVIII Pan American Games Lima 2019.


Canada (Aaron Nusbaum / Michael Plantinga) beat 2-0 21-19, 21-12) to the United States (Ian Satterfield / Mark Burik) to secure the first ticket to the quarterfinals and it will be measured Venezuela that was the leader of his group .


The first set was leveled until closing, when Plantinga's blockade put his opponents in trouble, plus two good Nusbaum defensive moves that set the course for the set. Canada took command in the second from the start and it was too much for Satterfield / Burik.


Mexico, meanwhile, with Juan Virgen and Lombardo Ontiveros, won 2-0 (21-16, 21-12) to El Salvador with Pepe and Tato, and now they will have a tough match against Brazil.


The Cubans Sergio González / Luis Reyes had no problems to overcome the Dominican Republic 2-0 (21-17, 21-14), with Alex Medina / William Sánchez.


Uruguay with Mauricio Vieyto / Marco Cairus, beat Guatemala 2-0 (21-15, 21-17), overcoming the strong blockade and service of Andy Leonardo and complicating the defense of Luis García.



Cuba González: “We are happy, we are seeing that the fruit of work is coming out and now we have to be more focused. The games that are coming now are more difficult, if we continue with the rhythm we carry and with the wishes we have, everything can happen, we will fight for a medal. ”


Reyes: "We have gone game by game polishing some details of the mistakes we have had and those deficiencies are left behind."


Uruguay:Cairus: “Now we have a tough opponent like Argentina, we already know each other from many stages, but you have to play it well and try to make it as good as possible. Our goal was always to reach the semifinal, we are achieving it step by step and we have a hard journey. ”


Vieyto: "Guatemala plays well, the blocker is very good and has a very strong serve (Andy Leonardo), we try to stop the serve and make our game that was good for us."


Mexico: Ontiveros: “We will continue to listen to our coach's instructions and try to make a good game to keep moving forward.


Virgin: “It's another game, let's get ready with our coach and go out and do our best. I think we are already getting more confidence, rhythm, the environment, the place, the most important games are coming and we are going to propose a strategy to see how it works for us ”.


Canada: Nusbaum: “The United States was a very strong rival, they always fought, we put pressure on the service. In the most complicated games, the pressure comes out and you have to be prepared. ”


“We are going to see the plan calmly, we already know the rival, but we have to prepare well to be in the next phase. The fans have always been great, it's nice to play like that, they are always supporting us. ”


Quarter finals games

Chile vs Cuba 10:40 a.m.

Venezuela vs Canada 11:30 a.m.

Brazil vs Mexico 2:00 p.m.

Uruguay vs Argentina 2:50 p.m.


Saturday results

Classification to quarterfinals

USA from CAN 2-0 (21-19,21-12); CUB of DOM 2-0 (21-17, 21-14); MEX def ESA 2-0 (21-16, 21-12); URU def GUA 2-0 (21-15, 21-17). Classification 13-16: CRC def TTO 2-1 (19-21, 21-16, 15-12); NCA def PER 2-0 (21-7, 21-15). Place 15-16: TTO def PER 2-0 (21-19, 21-16)