Volleyball in schools of Virgin Islands continues growing



ST CROIX, Virgin Islands, September 18, 2015 - The Virgin Islands Volleyball Federation (VIVF) and its president Lucille Hobson is no stranger to the new trend of the sport in the country as the national volleyball governing body continues to support the different programs developed by the district associations and government agencies.


The VIVF donated to the St. Croix Interscholastic Athletic Association (SCIAA), St. Thomas/St. John Interscholastic Athletic Association (IAA) and all of the Junior High and High Schools in the Virgin Islands balls and sport equipment to be used in the Middle School, Junior High and High Schools volleyball school league.


The equipment is a part of the Annual distribution to all of the affiliated national federations of the North American, Central American and Caribbean (NORCECA) Confederation, under the leadership of President Cristobal Marte Hoffiz of the Dominican Republic.


The leagues are being organized under the supervision of the SCIAA Volleyball Commissioners Lucille Hobson and Mark Daniel President and 2nd Vice President of the VIVF ( 1994 - present) respectively who are continuing to enhance the existing volleyball program in the schools in the Virgin Islands.


St. Croix Interscholastic Athletic Association (SCIAA) President Desiree Miranda, St. Thomas/St. John Interscholastic Athletic Association (IAA) President Mark Daniel and the league coaches received the donation presented by the President of the VIVF.


Miranda and Daniel expressed their gratitude on behalf of their respective organizations by saying “it is a good initiative to spread out volleyball on the island.”


Miranda said that the VIVF has a development plan directed to all the schools, national associations, clubs and territory members that will benefit the growth of the national teams in the different levels.


“We believe in opportunities and our plan is to support as much as possible the national development programs,” Miranda said.