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PRESS RELEASE 12/28/2004

Cosiris Rodriguez joins the Club Tenerife in Spain

TENERIFE, Spain. December 28, 2004- Veteran Cosiris Rodriguez, a star in the Dominican Republic Team, is joining the Club Tenerife of the Spaniard Super League.

Rodriguez, who in the 2003-04 season played in the Italian League, is a versatile player with a lot of experience in Pan Am and Olympic Games, World Cup and the World Grand Prix and other top level international competitions.


Rodriguez enjoyed a welcome reception by teammates and coaches at Parque Infantil of Tenerife where the traditional club founded in 1981 had a social activity with the local children.


The Club Tenerife is leading the Super League with an unbeaten record of 15-0 and is followed by Hotel Cantur (12-2), Albacete (12-3) and Playas Benidorm (10-4).


Cosiris is the eighth foreign player in the squad that also has Argentineans Romina Lamas and Silvana Olivera, Brazilians Luciana Regia and Rosangela Correira, Dutch Ingrid Visser, Ucranian Marina Dubinina and Yelena Pavlova of Kazakhstan.


The Spaniards players in the team are Magaly Carvajal, of Cuban origin, Esther Lopez, Irene Camara, Goya Dorta and Susana Rodriguez.


The team is coached by Jose Francisco “Chico” Dos Santos of Brazil and he is assisted by David Barrera of Spain and Tania Takeva of Bulgaria.


The history of Club Tenerife include 10 crowns as champion of the Her Majesty Cup, 8 titles in the Honor Division League and one European tournament.

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