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Brazil looks confident in its U21 Pan Am Cup opener


FORT MCMURRAY, Canada, May 16, 2017 -  Brazil showed its technical superiority today in its opening match at the U21 Pan American Cup in Alberta, Canada, beating Barbados 3-0 (25-12, 25-8, 25-12) in less than an hour.


It was truly a team effort from the Brazilian side, with opposite Felipe Roque leading scoring with 10 points, followed by teammate Victor Cardoso with seven.


“Brazil is always learning, every match we have to learn something new,” said Brazil’s head coach Nery Tambeiro.  “We have to respect all our opponents and learn to be better.  Our next match is against Guatemala, and we haven’t seen them play yet, so we will watch how they play in the next match (tonight against Canada).”


Barbados’ top scorers were Carlos Cyrus and Jherard Morris-Sealy with seven each.


 “Coming from where we are from, I feel very satisfied with my guys. They met my expectations. If I compare the score of the previous game (Chile v. Cuba), we scored more points than Chile,” said Julio Madrazo Alberto Caballero, head coach of Team Barbados.


“So I feel very satisfied. Obviously there are some technical aspects we need to improve but I am proud of them.  We will work on becoming better during this tournament, it’s a chance for us. Tomorrow it will be hard too because we play Canada, but I feel good because they played well, they want to play and they’re confident.”