Carli Lloyd of USA is the MVP at Pan Am Games



TORONTO, Canada, July 25 2015 - Carli Lloyd of the United States was recognized as the Most Valuable Player of the Volleyball Tournament at the Pan Am Games.


Lloyd was also named Best Setter of the competition after recording a 9.36 average and contributed with the victory of her national team against Brazil to win the gold medal.


“This is just a representation of team USA. This is a group  effort. We played some really good volleyball this tournament and I’m so thankful from this team and the staff that we had, the support that we had,” she said.


“Being the Most Valuable Player is just a part of a great team, so it’s just a representation of what we did as a team today.”


The rest of the players that received the honors after the finals were:


Best Scorer: Karina Ocasio (Puerto Rico)

Best Server: Gina Mambru (Dominican Republic)

Best Receiver: Camila Brait (Brazil)

Best Libero: Camila Brait (Brazil)

Best Opposite: Nicole Fawcett (USA)

Best Setter: Carli Lloyd (USA)

Best First Outside Hitter: Krista Vansant (USA)

Best Second Outside Hitter: Melissa Vargas (Cuba)

Best Blocker: Adenizia Da Silva (Brazil)

Best Second Blocker: Rachel Adams (USA)