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Cuba scores easy victory over Costa Rica

SANTO DOMINGO; Dominican Republic, July 3, 2016 - Cuba cruised to a 3-0 (25-9, 25-8, 25-18) victory over  Costa Rica in Pool B of the XV Women’s Volleyball Pan American at Club San Carlos.

Cuba’s best scorers were Regla Gracia and Jennifer Alvarez each with 8 points followed by Sulian Matienzo and Daimara Lescay with 7 points apiece. Costa Ricans Paola Ramirez and Mijal Hines had 8 and 6, respectively.

Roberto García, the Cuban coach, said that while respecting Costa Rica they knew the match would be an easy one as he tried to prepare their players for the match against USA on Monday, since all the remaining matches are difficult and important.

Sulian Matienzo, the captain of Cuba, said the contest helped them to be in the top conditions to play against the United States, who don’t have their main team here but are a dangerous opponent and always the team to beat.

Braulio Godinez, the coach of Costa Rica, said his team is very far from the level of Cuba and tried to learn from the game and play with patience.

Irene Fonseca, the captain of Costa Rica, said the first two sets were very difficult because they were outplayed in all aspects of the game and in the third set, after using many reserves, could score some points and bring some level to the competition.