High Expectations for Volleyball at Pan Am Games



TORONTO, Canadá, Julio 15 2015 - Everything is ready for the beginning of volleyball at the XVII Pan Am Games. After two days of Preliminary Inquiries and the development of the General Technical Meeting, the competitors are just a few hours away from the first ball to be served at the Exhibition Centre at Pan Am Park on Thursday.


FIVB First Executive Vice President and Pan American Volleyball Union President, Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, remarked all the efforts done by the Toronto 2015 Organizing Committe and also appreciated all the attentions and the cooperation availability during the inspections and the preliminary inquiries process.


The technical staff members of the competing teams in both genders attended to the general meeting just to verify the last details before the beginning of the contest.


On behalf of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO), Rodrigo Moreno, member of the Technical Commission, was present and praised the high level organization and working standards set by the Control and Organizing Committees.


“This has been such a great meeting, one of the best we have ever been in during the Pan Am Games at everything has taken place in a very well exemplified way,” Moreno stated.


On behalf of the TO2015 Pan Am Games Organizing Committee, Holly Abraham welcomed all the attendants and emphasized all the enthusiasm around the preparation of the tournament.


“We are very sured that this will be a great experience for all of you and we hope to enjoy your stay in Toronto. The place where we are is the Pan American Park and we are in a very iconic place un our city where all our national expositions take part,” She said.


The Centre at the Park has been adequated as a great multisport complex, where a lot of disciplines take part. Volleyball is among them, as well as Beach Volleyball that is successfully in progress.