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Johansen, MVP of the Men’s U23 Pan Am Cup


GUANAJUATO, México, September 11 2016 – Argentinean German Johansen awarded the Most Valuable Player Honors in the III Men’s U23 Pan American Cup.


Along with Johansen, his compatriots Nicolas Lazo, Gaston Fernandez and Matias Sanchez became part of the All Star Team of the tournament won by the South American team against Cuba 3-1 (25-19, 21-25, 25-19, 25-20).


Lazo was recognized as Best Attacker, while Fernandez was recognized as Best Blocker and Sanchez received the honors as Best Setter.


The other Best Attacker of the Tournament was Miguel López, of Cuba, and his teammate Osniel Rendon was named Best Opposite, while Mexican Christian Arce received the Best Blocker distinction.


Colombian Jeyson Morelos was awarded as Best Receiver. Luis Santacruz, of Guatemala got the merits to be distinguished as Best Libero and Best Digger. Best Scorer of the III Men’s U23 Pan American Cup was Jose Rubio, of Mexico, to close the actions of the competition.


Best Spiker: Miguel López (Cuba)

Best Spiker: Nicolás Lazo (Argentina)

Best Blocker: Gastón Fernández (Argentina)

Best Blocker: Christian Arce (México)

Best Receiver: Jeyson Morelos (Colombia)

Best Server: Miguel López (Cuba)

Best Opposite:  Osniel Rendón (Cuba)

Best Digger: Luis Santacruz (Guatemala)

Best Setter:  Matías Sánchez (Argentina)

Best Libero: Luis Santacruz (Guatemala)

Best Scorer: José Rubio (Mexico)

Most Valuable Player: German Johansen (Argentina)