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Mexico beat Guatemala without difficulties


HAVANA, Cuba, March 28, 2017 – Mexico got an easy victory in Pool C with a 3-0 (25-15, 25-8, 25-12) win over Guatemala in the opening day of the U18 Girls’ Pan American Cup at Sports Palace.


Amaya Guereca witt 13 points for Mexico was the only player in the match with double figures in the scores. Teammate Aurora Zamarripa added 9 in the victory,


Ricardo Naranjo, coach of México: “To start winning is always stimulating for the players, it gives them confidence, they feel stronger by their positive actions. The match allowed us to play all the girls and be prepared to give their best. We started on the right track.”


Edgar Callejas, coach of Guatemala: “It is our first match since NORCECA in Puerto Rico last year. We did not have chance to compete and that always has a cost. For little moments we were able to do some positive things. I am pleased because they are learning, and that’s one of our goals.”


Carmen Gómez, captain of Guatemala: “At the begining the nervous beat us we played our game but the Mexicans dominated us, especially with their serves and couldn’t control the reception and combine for the attack.”


Mirelis Valdés, captain of México: “It was a quiet match, relatively. We had some complications but that is normal at the start of a competition to get the teamwork. I think our team played as a unity and with strong steps we are going to achieve good things.”