Preliminary Inspections for Indoor Volleyball take part at Pan Am Games



TORONTO, Canada, July 13 2015 - The first inspections for indoor volleyball have taken part prior to the beginning of the competition at the XVII Pan American Games.


FIVB First Executive Vice President and Pan American Volleyball Union President, Cristobal Marte Hoffiz praised the work done by the members of the Toronto 2015 Organizing Committee.


“We have to applaud and appreciate the work they have done,” said Marte Hoffiz, who also directed the first Control Committee Meeting. “We feel very proud and glad, as well as we appreciate the support of Volleyball Canada,” He remarked.


The facility with a seating capacity for 4,800 persons is almost ready for a tournament that is expected to be full of passion, as well as great atmosphere for fans once they arrive in the Exhibition Centre at Pan Am Park.


According to the local organizing committee a good attendance is expected to support host teams in both genders, male and female, and also to follow the best squads of the continent.


“The Beach Volleyball competition began on Monday, we had no problem for our preliminary inquiries,” Marte Hoffiz added.


On behalf of the host organization, Holly Abraham, welcomed the Control Committee members, while on behalf of Volleyballl Canada, Hugh Wong remarked: “I’m very confident and I am sure that we will solve every situation and wish you to enjoy this experience”.


Preliminary Inquiries for Women’s teams begin on Tuesday, the Men’s are scheduled on Wednesday while the tournament begins on Thursday 16, with a program that alternates one date of male competition and another of female competition during the games.