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The new whistle "Molten Deevo" also reached the Pan American Cup U-18

HAVANA, Cuba, April 4, 2017 .- The president of the North, Central American and Caribbean Confederation, Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz, delivered the new whistles "Molten Deevo" to the referees working in the IV Pan American U18 Cup.

These devices have been designed by the company "Molten", which has contributed greatly to the efforts to innovate in favor of the development of the game.

During the U-19 Pan-American Cup in Monterrey the referees received for the first time this new modality of "pitos", as it is also known in several Spanish-speaking countries.

"The referee is the symbol of fair play that controls the game, and the whistle is the communication tool that must express that purpose and feeling," the company notes regarding "Molten Deevo" which is an acronym for the term vocal depth.

"Molten adapts to the maximum the sound and the form of his whistles to each discipline", adds the company.

The object has new features and specifications that differentiate it from whistles commonly used in general in various sports.

The sound of the "Molten Deevo" whistle is much sharper and deeper, which is not affected by the influence of higher level noise or volume. It has two air outlets and its design literally cuts the noise, and has a resonance in two directions, with a "stereo" type effect that makes it easier for you to hear all over the field.

"The referees of the NORCECA and South American Volleyball Confederations have become the first to use this valuable tool," said Marte Hoffiz.

One of them, a Cuban with 14 years of experience as an international Pedro Morell, gave his opinion after debuting with the new work implement in the Pan American U-18.

"I felt good despite the fact that I have to pound loudly, because the structure is a little broad, I worked without problems, it's strong, it's heard a lot and it's very comfortable to have it in my mouth," he said.

"The issue is getting used to it and as you use it more we forget the previous one, I have performed well," he said.

Similar sentence expressed Cinthya Hernández, referee of Costa Rica, when it concluded of "whistling" the match for the gold between Colombia and Cuba.

"You train yourself the more you use it, it was different at first, but I feel very good and I have not had any difficulties."