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Uruguay overcome Guatemala for ninth position

HAVANA, Cuba, April 1, 2017–Uruguay overcame Guatemala 3-2 (25-22, 16-25, 25-17, 21-25, 15-12) and finished in the ninth place of the IV Pan American U-18 Girls’ Cup which will be closed on Sunday at the Sports City Coliseum.

This match was quite different to the previous one during the preliminary round in Pool C where the South Americans came from behind with disadvantage 0-2 to win it also in tie-break. Today either of them could have succeeded.

For the winning team, Sofia Zuvich (14) and Natalia Rodriguez (11) led the attack while Paola Alvarado (14) and Daniela Tornoe (12) were the top-scorers by the Central Americans.

Both teams benefited from this tournament contributing to the development of this age category and encouraging them to continue working and fighting for better performance.

Luis Baladon, Uruguayan coach: “It was a changing match where they started much focused on it by knowing what to do as we had met each other in the preliminary round. However after some indecisions because of nerves, they knew to close it with fighting spirit and attitude and not to finish at the bottom.”

“Given the years dedicated to this sport, I would like to congratulate the LOC on the perfect organization both at the hotel and the competition hall and also express our gratitude for having made us feel like at home. If we complain when something is wrong, we should also praise and refer to what is well done.”

 Edgar Callejas, Guatemalan coach: “Both teams had ups and downs. We did not know how to close it. However the international games are precisely necessary to learn how to play the final points and gain in experience.”

 “This match amount will help them and particularly when playing against much more experienced teams. However in the end there were sets where they got fun and were able to win. They have to learn not to be under too much pressure which it is the lack of games, but it is a matter of time.”