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Another five set thriller keeps El Salvador undefeated


MANAGUA, Nicaragua, December 14, 2017.- El Salvador remains undefeated while defeating Costa Rica 3-2 (20-25, 25-21, 25-22, 31-33, 15-12) on day five of the men’s Volleyball tournament of the 2017 Managua Central American Games.


El Salvador survived their second five set victory, to keep their unbeaten 4-0 record and has 15 points; Costa Rica drops to 2-3 record, with 10 points and remains on a difficult position for the run for medals.


The winners are at this moment in position to win the silver medal, standing behind Guatemala, who they are scheduled to face tomorrow Friday.


El Salvador and Costa Rica set two tournament-high stats so far; extending set four to a 33-31 score for Costa Rica and leading scorers Carlos Rodriguez of El Salvador and Alberto Blanco of Costa Rica finishing with 29 points.


In other numbers, Costa Rica held advantage in attacking 61-54 and the blocking category with 16-15. Both teams scored on 6 aces, but El Salvador committed less unforced errors 30-41.


Also carrying El Salvador into their fourth win was Carlos Escobar and Rodrigo Chavez with 13 points apiece, and Franklin Flores contributed with 12 points. For Costa Rica, Esteban Araya scored 16 points and Javier Alvarez finished with 14 points.


El Salvador (4-0) will face Panama (1-3) on day six and Costa Rica (2-3) has the day off.


Libero of El Salvador Luis Morales: “This was an exciting victory. We’ve been preparing for a period of eight months; we have confidence in our team and our coach believes in us. Our goal  is very clear. I have respect for Costa Rica, our matches are always tough”.


Captain of Costa Rica Alberto Blanco: “It was an even match. This tournament is always intense and with mental pressure. We lost too many serves in the fifth set; but despite losing, I think that Costa Rica’s performance improved from the previous days”.