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Argentina is the new U23 Pan American champion  

GUANAJUATO, Mexico, September 10 2016 - Argentina became the Champion of the Men’s U23 Pan American Cup after beating Cuba 3-1 (25-19, 21-15, 25-19 and 25-20). The South American team already qualified to the FIVB Men’s U23 World Championship had Nicholas Lazo as top scorer with 20 points while German Johansen who later became the Most Valuable Player of the Tournament scored 16 and Gaston Fernandez finished with 12.

The Cubans who tried to get back on the match in the fourth set worked hard with Miguel Lopez, who scored 21 units and also with Osniel Malgrejo, who registered 10. Blocking game was tied with 7 converted points on each side of the net while in services Argentina had a 7-5 advantage.

“I’m very glad because we worked hard for this. Finally we have won a gold medal in a Pan Am Cup, after falling short in the Senior Tournament and the U23 South American Championship. But today this is such a great feeling,” said German Johansen about the victory of Argentina.

“Today we came for our first goal. That one was to qualify to the World Championship. We have already done it. Becoming champion is like the cake of a party after a hard working year. This team has come from being an Age Group World Championship runner up. We are not a physical super power, but German Johansen has exploited that kind of power we needed,” explained Argentinean coach Camilo Soto.

“I have no words; we fought for the victory it couldn’t happen. Congratulations to Argentina,” said Miguel Lopez, who later was recognized as Best Attacker in the Awards Ceremony.

“It was a great match for a final. In the end the best team has won. We have to keep on working and preparing for the Age Group world championship. We are still just one complete year ahead and get there in our best shape as possible,” stated Cuban coach Jesus Cruz.