Panama opens with a win at World Qualifier


PANAMA CITY, Panama, August 17, 2012. -  Host Panama opened with a win over Bonaire by 3-0 (25-14, 25-5, 26-24) at the First Round Women’s 2014 World Championship Qualification Group G.


Bonaire, debutants in a NORCECA tournament were able to recover from a difficult start edging Panama to make a stronger effort to earn the win as they became more confident.


Top scorers for Panama were Joanna Arroyo with 14 points and Hashlyn Cuero with 10. Bonaire had its best scorers with 6 points each, Lu-Allen Sint and Claudette Van Arneman.


Joanna Arroyo, Panama´s captain said “first I want to congratulate Bonaire for a good outcome as this is their first tournament, in that third set they made us work hard and that’s what it takes to be here; I believe we were anxious and this only proves that you must never underestimate your adversary; on the other hand our training showed.”


An excited Claudette Van Arneman of Bonaire expressed “we are so happy to be here and we worked hard to do so; my team is proud of having an international experience. We were nervous with everything surrounding us but we adapted.”


Panama’s Coach, Reynaldo Ortega said “once again I want to welcome Bonaire, they have players with lots of potential; I believe that in the third set they abused their confidence but thank God we were able to take control and have a positive result.”


“Nervousness was the reason of the result in the first and second sets; everything for the team is new becoming more insecure. In the third set I changed Claudette to an opposite position instead of center turning out to be a pleasure to see them come back” indicated Bonaire’s Coach Leo Richardson.