Belize beat Bonaire for third place


PANAMA CITY, Panama, August 19, 2012. - Belize beat Bonaire 3-0 (25-19, 25-19, 25-18) in match for the third place of the First Round Women’s 2014 World Championship Qualification Group G.


Belize qualified for the second round world qualifier that will take place next year. The winners took over the match from start to finish with a 6-4 advantage in blocking, while Bonaire had some good moments.


Sherylee Young-Thurton was the best scorer for Belize with 15 points while Lu-Allen Sint Jago had 12 for Bonaire.


“We came out to win and I’m happy for that but we weren’t able to keep the momentum, we didn´t challenge ourselves enough” Belize’s Shrylee Young-Thurton said.


The team captain of Bonaire, Claudette Van Arneman indicated: “I’m proud of the results as this is the first time we compete internationally, now we know how we are and in which mistakes we must work on.”


Allan Sharp coach for the winners expressed: “It has been a journey of four years and today winning motivates us to continue practicing to be at a higher level as the rest of teams in Central America. I want to congratulate Bonaire because they did well.


Leo Richardson said to be very satisfied with their performance in the tournament. “I thought it was going to be a five setter but nervousness once again took the best of us and we still have much to learn.”