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Battling for Central American Beach supremacy


CIUDAD DE GUATEMALA, Guatemala, July 6, 2017.- The top centralamerican dúos are ready to battle at the XVII Central American AFECAVOL Senior Beach Volleybal Championship that kicks off on Friday at Camp Marte sport complex in Guatemala City.


The title holders, Karen Cope and Natalia Alfaro of Costa Rica, along with hosts Andy Leonardo and Luis Garcia, are expected to have strong contenders.


There is no doubt about the champion’s high game level; they have grown competing at the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour and are qualified for the FIVB World Beach Volleyball Champion in Viena, Austria this August.


The hosts have registered Maria Jose Orellana siding with Blanca Recinos, as well as Natalia Giron and Estefanie Bethancourt. In the men’s division, the second team is Erik Flores alongside Erick Garrido.


Richard Smith and Bryan Monge of Costa Rica are someone to watch out for, while Nicaragua presents Ruben Mora and Dany Lopez, silver medalists in last year’s edition. Franklin Flores and Armando Guatemala, and Carlos Escobar and David Vargas are the two teams competing for El Salvador.


Ten women teams are divided in two groups. First places will advance into semifinals, while second and third places will play a crossover round to decide the other two semifinalists.


In the men’s división, thirteen duos are divided in three groups. The top two second and top three places will play a crossover quarterfinal round.The competition starts on Friday at 8:00 am (local time), and ends on Sunday.



Friday Schedule: Women

NCA 1- GUA 2; HON 1 - ESA 2; ESA 1- HON 2; PAN – NCA 2; GUA 2- HON1; CRC – NCA 1; HON – PAN; GUA 1 - ESA 1; HON 1- CRC; ESA 2 – GUA 2.


Women Pools

A: CRC, NCA 1, HON 1, ESA 2, GUA 2.

B: GUA 1, ESA 1, PAN, NCA 2, HON 2.


Karen Cope/Natalia Alfaro (CRC); María Juliane Ponce/Liy Stephanie Porras (ESA-1); Kathya Vásquez/Marcela Avalos (ESA-2); Natalia Girón/Estefanie Bethancourt (GUA-1); María José Orellana/Blanca Recinos (GUA-2); Jarisa Hynds/Christianne Etches (HON-1); Lois Pinnace/Marissa Brady (HON-2); Swan Mendoza/Lolette Rodríguez (NCA-1); Socorro López/Claudia Machado (NCA-2); Kariany Saenz (PAN).


Friday Schedule-  Men


BIZ 1- CRC 2; PAN- NCA 2; NCA 1- ESA 2; HON 1- BIZ 2; ESA 1- GUA 2; CRC 1- HON 2; CRC 2- PAN; GUA 1- BIZ 1; ESA 2- BIZ 2; NCA 1- HON 1.


Men Pools

A: GUA 1, BIZ 1, PAN, NCA 2, CRC 2.

B: NCA 1, HON 1, BIZ 2, ESA 2.

C: ESA 1, CRC 1, HON 2, GUA 2.


Jason Cabral/Baydr Sajia (BIZ-1); Víctor Pacheco/Edgar Martínez (BIZ-2); Richard Smith/Bryan Monge (CRC-1); Esteban Escobar/Andrey Quintero (CRC-2); Franklin Flores/Armando Guatemala (ESA-1); Carlos Escobar/David Vargas (ESA-2); Andy Leonardo/Luis García (GUA-1); Erik Flores/Erick Garrido (GUA-2); Marty Wood/Federico Menjivar (HON-1); Irvin Armando Reyes/Carlos Alberto Ramos (HON-2); Rubén Mora/Dany López (NCA-1); Denis López/Gerald Umaña (NCA-2); David Montero/Jason Quintero (PAN).