Beach World Championship Qualifier in Punta Cana

PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic, April 12, 2022 – The double gender Punta Cana Beach Volleyball Qualification Tournament to the World Championship will take place in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic on April 16-17.

Canada, Dominican Republic, U.S. Virgin Islands and Trinidad & Tobago are fielding teams in both genders. Netherlands Antilles and Cuba are going to have pairs in the women’s event while Costa Rica and Nicaragua will have teams in the men’s competition.

These teams will be divided into two pools of three teams each with the top two advancing to the semifinal round. The two winners will get automatic tickets to the world championship in Italy from June 7-19.

Pool A Men: Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic. Pool B Men: Canada, Trinidad and Tobago and U.S. Virgin Islands. Pool A Women: Canada, Trinidad and Tobago and Dominican Republic. Pool B Women: Cuba, U.S. Virgin Islands and Netherlands Antilles.

Men’s teams: CAN Daniel Dearing/Sam Schachter, CRC Daniel Dyner/Sebastián Valenciano, DOM Oscar Martínez/Hayerling de Jesús, NCA Rubén Mora/Denis López, ISV Marc Lomeli/Daniel Samuelson, TTO Daneil Williams/Fabien Whitfield 

Women’s teams: AHO Angjeny Tolentino/Shurdelys Meulens, CAN Megan McNamara/Nicole McNamara, CUB Leila Martínez/Lidy Echeverría, DOM Julibeth Payano/Jeneiry Rosario, ISV Taylor Nutterfield/Melanie Valenciana, TTO La Teisha Joseph/Apphia Glasgow.