Brazil sweeps Barbados and ends in top Group B



GATINEAU, Canada, June 25- Brazil swept Barbados 3-0 (25-13, 25-12, 25-8) in one hour to finish on top of Pool B at the U21 Men’s Pan American Cup at the Centre Sportif de Gatineau.


Brazil dominated their Caribbean rivals in attacks (24-15), blocks (12-5) and serving aces (4-1) to seal a spot in the semifinals on Saturday.


Johan Marengoni led the South American squad with 13 points while Ammuniki Wood and the tournament’s top scorer Jabarry Goodridge contributed to Barbados with five points each.


Fernando Kreling, captain of Brazil: “I think it was an easy game for us because we controlled the game the whole time, and I think that’s the way.”


Leonardo Afonso Seix, head coach of Brazil: “I think that we did our job. We played great all match, hard, and respecting the other team. It was good because we had a chance to use all players and rest a little bit. Now we are thinking about the next two matches for us.”


Ammuniki Wood, captain of Barbados: “We can’t obviously use this game as a gauge for the quarterfinals because we didn’t play very well. Despite one of our key hitters being out, Goodridge wasn’t feeling well, we still have players that can come off the bench and show quality and qualify. We didn’t really show up today, we have to go back to the drawing board and work on it. We really have to kick it up especially for the quarter finals because we will meet Canada and Chile and both of those are very good teams. We have to prepare for those teams and come back kicking out for the quarterfinal games.”


John Stuart, head coach of Barbados: “The game did not go very well. We had the same problem again, too many bad passes. I hope for the quarterfinal game tomorrow we can remedy that. We have practice tomorrow and we will work on our reception again and hopefully come the quarter final game, we will pass the ball much better. If we pass well, we stand a chance. If we don’t pass well, we don’t stand a chance.”