Brenda Castillo is the MVP of the CACG


CORDOBA, Mexico, November 21, 2014.- Brenda Castillo captured the MVP Honors at the XXII Central American and Caribbean Games Women’s Volleyball Finals.


Castillo was distinguished as the Most Valuable Player, Best Defender, Best Reception and Best Libero. Cuban Melissa Vargas was the best scorer of the tournament by totalizing 129 points.


Regla Gracia, also from Cuba, and Puerto Rican Aurea Cruz, received the honors as Best First Attacker and Best Second Attacker, respectively.


Annerys Vargas of Dominican Republic and Mijal Hines of Costa Rica, were named Best Blockers. The Best Setter was Dominican Niverka Marte, while Gina Mambru captured the Best Server Honors and Puerto Rico’s Sarai Álvarez was named the Best Opposite.