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Coaches look forward for U23 WCH qualification

GUANAJUATO, Mexico, September 4, 2016 – Coaches of different teams that will compete at the Third Edition of the Men’s U23 Pan American Cup remarked that there will be a very high level and quality at this competition that begins on Monday at the Yerbabuena Gymnasium.

Every coach shared some impressions about the tournament that will give tickets to the FIVB Age Group World Championship that will be played in 2017. Prior to the General Technical Meeting every representative of the competitive teams shared their thoughts.

Camilo Soto, Argentina: “We have trained all year long and also participated in some tournaments looking for the World Championship qualification. This will be a great tournament, there is a difficult goal but we want to achieve it: to qualify to the World Championship. This is our first step and after that, we look forward to get the championship. However we have to go one step at a time”.

Percy Oncken, Colombia: “This is a great challenge in my career to coach in another country. We have worked pretty well and are ready for this competition. We hope to have a good tournament. There is something interesting about Colombia: our players’ physical ability. If we can improve our technique and tactical aspects, we can offer a higher resistance against our opponents”. ”.

Daniel Nejamkin, Chile: ”It will be a tough tournament with teams like Argentina, hosts Mexico, and also Dominican Republica and Cuba  with a very high level. I hope we can play with our best volley and advance as much as we can during the competition”.

Jesús Cruz López, Cuba: “First of all, we want to qualify to the Age Group World Championship. Once we reach that goal we expect to win the competition. We have very young and talented players; eleven of them belong to the U21 category. We even have uone U19 player, but we come here to qualify for next year championship

Loren Rodríguez, Dominican Republic: “We look for the qualification to the U23 World Championship. Our players wish to get a medal. Dominican Republic has always been on the podium in this category. We hope this year cannot be an exemption.”

Reider Lucas, Guatemala: “This tournament gives us the chance to develop our athletes a little bit more. We know it is a very tough competition, but we expect to keep on developing our talent and have the right adaptation at this level.”

Luis Leon, Mexico: “We feel very glad to be here as a host team, we expect to have a great performance and win a ticket to the world championship”

Kendell Charlery, Santa Lucía: “Buscamos dar un buen espectáculo y aprovechar lo mejor de este torneo para poder crecer e ir adquiriendo una mayor experiencia ante los otros equipos que disputarán la copa”.

Kendell Charlery, Saint Lucia: “We look forward to give a great show and get the best of this tournament to grow up and get a bigger experience”.

Lyndon Simmons, Assistant Coach, Trinidad and Tobago: “We expect to have a great tournament. There are very experienced teams. Trinidad and Tobago will look forward to maximize every opportunity. We are bringing a good group of players and we hope to give a great show”