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Costa Rica beats Nicaragua at AFECAVOL U-18 opener


TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, August 17, 2017. - Costa Rica defeated Nicaragua 3-1 (24-26, 25-14, 25-11, and 25-18) at the XII AFECAVOL Girls’ U-18 Central American Championship opening match in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


Defending champions Costa Rica had some difficulties getting into their usual rhythm while losing the first set; from there forward they took control of Nicaragua’s spikers with a huge 14-4 margin in blocking, 8-4 in serves and 47-26 in attacks. Costa Rica committed 35 errors and Nicaragua 30.


Costa Rica distributed their offense between opposite Ana Rojas scoring 15 points, middle blockers Lakysha Thompson and Priscila Alfaro with 12 points apiece, and outside hitter Karen Mora chipped in with 10 points. Opposite Maria Arcia led Nicaragua with 10 points, followed by outside hitter Masiel Brenes with 9.


Pamela Padilla, captain of Costa Rica: “We were too nervous and I consider we played badly. Fortunately we had a good attitude that pulled us out in the rest of the match. For me, our next match is the hardest, we will face Guatemala and with team effort we can come out on top”.


Mario Romero, coach of Costa Rica: “Players are always nervous during their first match, they were anxious and committing too many errors, that’s why we lost the first set. Nicaragua’s slow rhythm really affected us. As the match advanced we took control of the actions”.


Maria Arcia, captain of Nicaragua: “We were more confident in the first set, as well as in the fourth. After losing the second set our attitude was bad. We battled strong, but we need to improve in receiving and defense”.


Claudia Noguera, coach of Nicaragua: “Our lack of concentration was an issue. In the first set we came from behind and with good energy, things went pretty well for us. Technically speaking, Costa Rica is a team that dominates spaces and we failed in defense”.


Schedule Friday August 18:

8:30     Nicaragua v El Salvador

10:30    Belize v Honduras

12:30    Costa Rica v Guatemala

15:30    Honduras v Nicaragua

17:30    El Salvador v Guatemala

19:30    Belize v Costa Rica