Final touches at the Cordoba Arena for Central American Games


CORDOBA, Veracruz, Mexico, October 26, 2014 - The Cordoba Arena is almost ready and with some important upgrades as times gets closer for the Central American and Caribbean Games of Veracruz 2014.


The facilities that will be used for the Volleyball Tournament are located in a complex that also includes a training gymnasium, known popularly as “El Mexicano Gym”, as well as three external warm-up courts protected with a roof in case of rain.


Last and final touches have taken part inside the main court after the instalation of the playing surface, that will be equipped with Sport Court. This surface is already set inside the training gym as well as on the warm-up areas.


Illumination area is also ready to operate inside the facility, that will also count on with tribune stands with a capacity for 1,500 seated persons. In the long term, this venue will also be used for many activities.


The arena will also have additional sections that will be used as working rooms for the local organizing committee as well as for the control committee asigned for the Central American and Caribbean Games.


On the same way, it will have locker rooms for competing teams, judges and referees.


Norceca Press Commision Personnel as well as members of the local organizing committee (COVER) assigned to the Cordoba task force visited the facilities at the arena, to identify the operational areas such as the interview room and press working room.


This visit to the arena was as part of the activities of the seminar and training sessions for comunications and media relations staff members that will work at this venue during the games.


Cordoba is a city with a huge volleyball and other sports fan base. Recently many children and teenagers have responded to take part as volunteers as well as to attend to a practical clinic and a series of rehearsals held by the VIS Commission at “El Mexicano Gym”.


The Central American and Caribbean Games will begin on November 14, with the Opening Ceremony taking part at the Luis “Pirata” Fuente Stadium in Veracruz with several performing artists.