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Financial Reports approved during NORCECA Congress

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, October 28, 2017. - The financial reports of NORCECA were approved during the first day of the 24th NORCECA Congress in San José, Costa Rica.

The financial reports, financial investments in Zonal Associations and internal auditors reports of the 2015-2016 period all audited by Ernst & Young, were approved during the evening session.

These reports were elaborated by the Finance NORCECA Department and the Finance Commission. Alberto Arreola, Willbur Harrigan and Olga Rivas Laureano explained NORCECA’s investments, showing transparency and efficiency according to financial and control systems.

The reports were handed out to all the members and are also available on the NORCECA website going back six years. NORCECA’s financial evolution has been sustainable with continuous investments in its affiliates.

Cristobal Marte Hoffiz indicated his satisfaction that NORCECA’s finances are presented in a comprehensive way, “we must make our confederation self-sufficient for next generations to find a healthy organization to continue organizing events, competitions but above all development; we do not have expenses, they are investments”.


NORCECA has generated the necessary funding to continue with programs that will allow the confederation to be in a strong financial position by the year 2020, handing out a product that will be attractive for sponsors and investors.


Ariel Sainz Rodriguez presented the Sports Organizing Commission report explaining the increase of events during 2015-2017 and the popularity of volleyball throughout the region, showing the hard work to put up great spectacles.


An important presentation of the Medical Commission was explained by Dr. Victor Figueroa who addressed the importance of anti-doping education among athletes. NORCECA is the Confederation that elaborates the most doping tests during competitions with the proper guidance in accordance to the World Anti-Doping Association WADA.

The Beach Volleyball report was presented by Indhira Ramirez who in a dynamic way encouraging to invest more in this discipline, being a Caribbean region and not miss out on the enormous opportunities to reach World Championships and the Olympic Games. Ramirez also advanced the competition system to be used for the Buenos Aires 2018 Young Olympic Qualification Tournament in which NORCECA has five vacancies to be distributed one for AFECAVOL, ECVA and CAZOVA, and two for the Central Zone.

Judith Sandino and Carolina Rivas presented the VIS and Press commissions’ reports respectively, generating an interesting discussion and proposals.

As for the VIS Commission, the recollection of data has been greatly improved and the valuable contribution of volunteers is well known. Regulations are well established in advance to grant the individual awards. Sandino presented the proposal to Fabio Azevedo that NORCECA needs to access to the new live-score system.

The press commission was encouraged to improve social media strategies and elaborate specific guidelines in this matter for each competition in generating more information thru social networking by the hand of data provided by the VIS system. The proposal of hiring a Social Media Manager was delivered.