Four NORCECA Referees to officiate in Poland


KATOWICE, Poland, August 29, 2014 – Four referees from NORCECA Confederation form part of a highly selected 25 of the best volleyball referees in the world who are ready to conduct the historic FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship Poland 2014 due to start with the opening match between Poland and Serbia at the National Stadium in Warsaw on Saturday.


The 25 referees were finely selected from the whole continents of the world to whistle in the competition's 103 matches to determine the world champions for the next 4 years.


The NORCECA referees are Luis Gerardo Macías of Mexico, Paul Albright of United States, Taras Ilkwi of Canada and Yuri Ramirez of Dominican Republic.


 Since their arrival the referees had an examination on rules of the game followed by theoretical and practical clinics supervised by the refereeing subcommittee led by Sergay Titov (RUS), Sandy Steel (SCO), Sogsak Chareongpong (THA) and Willy Paredes (ARG).


 "With the new system of the classification of the referees done by the FIVB Refereeing Commission, we had here the top quality of the referees from all over the World," the Referee Delegate Titov said.


 "We wish them all the best of luck to conduct this historic competition specially that the new technology of the Video challenge System will be used for the first time in the world championships after the trials made before during the World League and the World Grand Prix before,"


 "The faster the game is, the more concentration we need from the referees to follow up the ball and take the proper decisions."


 Referees are enthusiastic to conduct a great competition and that was apparent with their performance during the clinics.


 The 25 referees will conduct a total of 103 matches throughout the competition rounds including 60 matches in the first group stage round, 32 in the second round, 6 in the third round and 5 in the finals.